RBI Approved loan apps in India 2024 updated List check now!

I warn you there are many fake apps available on the market so when you going to take a loan, first check whether the app is RBI-approved or not, you will find the most reasonable RBI-approved loan apps in India 2024.

There are many loan apps available on the market but some of them are actually registered by rbi, RBI Approved loan apps are best for loans, they are released by the Reserve Bank of India and collaborate with lending companies.

When people need money urgently, they think about taking a loan, whether for marriage, study, or medical expenses, but you should always consider it carefully, that’s why before taking a loan on any loan app in India, it’s very important to check that app is RBI approved or not.

RBI Approved loan apps in India

There are several trusted apps approved by RBI (Reserve Bank of India), here are some popular apps such as Bajaj Finserv, Money View, CASHe, Paytm, Zest Money, Dhani, Paysense, Kreditbee and many other Instant Loan Apps.

RBI Approved loan apps in India

Top 10 Best RBI Approved Loan Apps In India:

  • Money View
  • Paysense
  • Money Tap
  • Bajaj Finserv
  • Navi
  • NIRA
  • Kreditbee
  • CASHe
  • Zest Money
  • Paytm

All the above apps are RBI approved, you can apply for personal/business loans for those apps safely.

If you are looking loan app that gives you instant loans without any salary slip or bank statement.

RBI Registered loan app list

There are very few RBI Registered Loan apps available in India, among them Bajaj Finserv, Money View, CASHe, Paytm, Zest Money, Dhani, Paysense, Kreditbee and a few selected apps which are RBI Approved loan apps.

RBI Registered loan app list

Below you will find some popular RBI Registered loan app lists, where you can get an Instant loan without any trouble.

1. Money View

Money View is one of the most popular and trusted instant personal loan apps in India, and this app is RBI Approved.

Money View Overall Disbursed 12,000 Cr+ Loan till now, and already 1Cr+ people download this app from Play Store.

RBI Approved loan apps in India
App NameMoney View
Personal Loan Amount5000 upto 5 lakhs
5000 up to 5 lakhsStarting from 1.33% per month
Processing ChargesStarts at 2%
Loan Tenure6 to 18 months
Documents RequiredAadhaar card/PAN card
Bank Account Details
Google Play Store rating4.7 star
Downloader10M+ Downloads

In this App you will get a Loan within 24 Hours, just upload your Aadhaar card/PAN card and enter your Bank Account Details, Within 24 hours your Loan amount will be deposited directly into your Bank Account.

There are also auto-debit options available on the Money View App, You have to keep a sufficient balance on your bank account Money View automatically debits your loan amount per month.

2. Paysense

Paysense is one of the fastest RBI Registered loan apps, where you can apply for a personal loan within 5 minutes.

Paysense successfully distributed a 2000+ Crore loan amount to 2,56,664+ happy customers till now.

RBI Approved loan apps in India
App NamePaysense
Personal Loan Amount₹5000 to ₹5 lakh
Interest Rate1.4% to 2.3% per month
Processing Charges3% + GST
Loan Tenure3 months to 60 months
Documents RequiredUpload pictures of your KYC documents 
Google Play Store rating3.5 star
Downloader10M+ Downloads

You can also take loans from Zero Credit Score and Zero Credit History In Paysense, Purely Paperless Documentation just upload pictures of your KYC documents and get your personal loan.

In Paysense you have to see flexible EMI and long tenure options, you can take loans from ₹5000 to ₹5,00,000 for 3 to 60 months and the normal processing fee is 3% of the loan amount.

3. MoneyTap

Need a quick and easy loan, then MoneyTap is best for you, This app comes with an amazing feature called ” No usage, No Interest “

MoneyTap successfully distributed a 252K loan amount to 1.1M people science lats 5 Years of service and become a popular RBI Approved loan app in India nowadays.

RBI Approved loan apps in India
App NameMoneyTap
Personal Loan Amount₹ 3,000 To ₹ 5,00,000
Interest Rate1.08% per month / 13% per annum
Processing ChargesDon’t Know
Loan Tenure2 to 36 months
Documents RequiredPan Card Number
Professional Selfie
Address Proof
ID Proof
Google Play Store rating4.0 star
Downloader10M+ Downloads

In this loan app, you can take marriage loans, travel loans, medical loans, education loans, car loans and bike loans as well as many other loans very quickly.

In MoneyTap you can avail of your Loans from ₹ 3,000 for ₹ 5,00,000 in 2 to 36 months Loan Tenure, the application process is 100% paperless process which takes only 4 minutes.

Now let’s know about our next RBI Registered loan app which name is ZestMoney.

4. ZestMoney

ZestMoney is a combination of personal loan and pay later service, If you like to shop online then this app gives you up to 1lkhs pay later amount like Flipkart Pay later.

ZestMoney also provides loans and “No Cost EMI” on online Shopping Apps like Amazon, Flipkart, and Ajio and also includes customer durables, electronics, and travel bookings.

RBI Approved loan apps in India
App NameZestMoney
Personal Loan AmountUp to 5 lakh
Interest RateStarting at 14%
Processing Charges3%
Loan Tenure3 to 36 Months
Documents RequiredNo Document Verification
Google Play Store rating4.0 stars, 212k reviews
Downloader10M+ Downloads

If you are a student you don’t do any job and your civil score is also not high, then you can easily take a personal loan up to 5 lakhs from ZestMoney without any document verification.

Inside ZestMoney you will get 3-36 months of loan tenure time and Interest rates starting at 14% in this ZestMoney personal loan app.

ZestMoney provides service in more than 1000+ cities in India, and your loan will be approved within 24 hours.

5. Bajaj Finserv

One of the best RBI Approved loan apps in India is Bajaj Finserv, Bajaj Finserv is very well known in India because of its service, you can buy any online offline product in EMI in Bajaj Finserv, and if your Cibil Score is above 750 then you will get a Credit Limit of 50,000 in the first day.

RBI Approved loan apps in India
App NameBajaj Finserv
Personal Loan Amount1 lakh to 40 lakh
Interest Rate11 % to 39%
Processing ChargesUpto 3.93%
Loan Tenure6 Months to 84 Months
Documents RequiredPan Card Number
Professional Selfie
Address Proof
ID Proof
Google Play Store rating4.6 Ratings and 819k reviews
Downloader10M+ Downloads

Everyone uses a Bajaj Finserv card, and in this App, you will get a maximum loan, which means you can take loans from 1 lakh to 40 lakh in Bajaj Finserv.

Along with more loan amounts, you are also getting more Loan Tenure days, you will get loan recovery time from 6 months to 84 months in this App.

6. Home Credit

If are you looking for an RBI Registered loan app that gives you a loan without any salary slip then Home Credit is best for you.

RBI Approved loan apps in India
App NameHome Credit
Personal Loan AmountRs. 10,000 to Rs. 5,00,000 
Interest RateMonthly interest starts at 1.83%
Processing Charges2.5% to 5%
Loan Tenure3 to 51 months
Documents RequiredIdentity proof/address proof
Mobile number( linked with PAN )
Google Play Store rating4.4 Star & 466k Reviews
Downloader10M+ Downloads

You can apply for the loan in 3 easy steps, and your loan will be approved within 24 hours, you just have to give your mobile number and check eligibility for the loan, and then you can get instant up to ₹ 5 Lakh.

In-Home Credit instant loan App, you will get a loan of up to 5 lakhs for Travel, Medical and business, which you have to repay within 5 months to 51 months.

7. Navi

Now time to check about our next RBI Approved loan app in India named Navi, After Bajaj Finserv Loan App Navi is one of the best apps for high loan amounts and long Loan Tenure time.

In NAVI you can also invest money in a Mutual Fund along with a personal Loan.

Till now NAVI Loan App has sold 105K+ Health Insurance Policies and 825 K+ Customers already invested in Mutual Funds on NAVI Loan & Mutual Funds App.

RBI Registered loan app list
App NameNavi
Personal Loan Amountup to Rs.20 lakh
Interest RateInterest rates starting at 9.9% p.a
Processing Charges1.5% – 5.0%
Loan Tenure1 Month to 72 Months
Documents RequiredAadhar Card, PAN Card
Google Play Store rating4.0 star 397k reviews
Downloader10M+ Downloads

All of you must have seen MS Dhoni in Navi Ads and have seen many times about Navi Personal Loan in TV Ads, today we will know about the same Navi Personal Loan App.

In Navi loan App you can avail of Home Loans up to ₹ 5 crore at interest rates of 8.55% p.a, And if you want to buy health insurance, in NAVI you can also claim ₹1 Crore health cover which starts at only ₹235 monthly.


If you want an Instant Loan then NIRA Instants Loan App is perfect for you, in this loan app you will get Instant Personal Loans up to 1lkhs and NIRA App is a Fully RBI Registered loan app.

You can apply for instant personal loan in just 3 easy steps,

  1. Open NIRA instant loan app
  2. Upload docs to complete the process
  3. Setup auto-debit and avail credit

Congratulation! Your Loan is Approved!

RBI Registered loan app list
App NameNIRA
Personal Loan AmountUp to 1 lakh
Interest Rate1.50% to 3% per month
Processing Charges1.67% to 2.25% per month
Loan Tenure3 to 12 months
Documents RequiredAadhaar card
PAN Card
Google Play Store rating4.3 star
Downloader5M+ Downloads

You can apply for a personal loan within just 3 minutes and your loan will be approved within 24 hours, if your CIBIL Score is above 681 then you can easily take a loan up to 1Lakh.

In the NIRA loan app you get the option of auto-debit like the Money View Loan app, which means you do not need to pay EMI by yourself every month, you just have to keep a Sufficient Balance in your account and your EMI will be auto-debited.

9. CASHe

CASHe Personal loan app is another one best RBI Approved loan apps in India, in this app, you can apply for personal loan between ₹1,000 to ₹4,00,000  within 3 minutes.

CASHe already distributed Rs.7200Cr loan to 2.5M happy customers, Due to good service, people apply for loans again in this app, and according to CASHe Record, 75% of people apply for loans, and this app has 144K active users per month and this app is very popular in India.

RBI Registered loan app list
App NameCASHe
Personal Loan Amount₹1,000 to ₹4,00,000 
Interest Rate 2.50% interest rate per month
Processing ChargesRs. 85 for 0 to 5999 Loan Amount
Rs. 500 for 6000 to 33333 Loan amount
1.50% for 33334 to 99999 Loan amount
Loan Tenure 2 to 18 months
Documents RequiredPan card
Aadhar card 
Google Play Store rating4.0 star
Downloader30M+ Downloads

You can apply for loan in just 5 steps, in CASHe App you will get to see 3 types of loan plans, if you are a salary holder then you can see the plan given below.


Tenure: 3 months
Min. Salary Eligibility: ₹12,000
Minimum loan: ₹1,000
Maximum loan: ₹1,10,000


Tenure: 9 months
Min. Salary Eligibility: ₹25,000
Minimum loan: ₹50,000
Maximum loan: ₹2,58,000


Tenure:  18 months
Min. Salary Eligibility: ₹50,000
Minimum loan: ₹1,25,000
Maximum loan: ₹4,00,000

10. Kreditbee

Kreditbee is one of the fastest personal loan apps in India, If you looking instant personal loan then this app is one of the best RBI Registered loan apps.

Kreditbee already distributed ₹30,000 Crore loans to 70 Lakhs people till now, and overall  5 Crore Indians download the Kreditbee app and register on it.

RBI Registered loan app list
App NameKreditbee
Personal Loan Amount₹10,000 to ₹4,00,000.
Interest RateUp to 29.95% p.a
Processing Charges1. Rs 85 to Rs 1,250 Personal Loan for Salaried (for loan amount from Rs 10,000 to Rs 2 lakh): 2. Rs 500 to up to 6% of loan amount Online
3. Purchase Loan/E-Voucher Loan: Up to 5% of the loan amount
Loan Tenure3 to 24 months
Documents RequiredVoter ID Card, Aadhaar Card, Passport · PAN Card · Salary slips · Bank statement
Google Play Store rating4.5 Star
Downloader50M+ Downloads

In Kreditbee, you get Lower Interest Rates as compared to other RBI Registered loan apps, you can apply for loans up to ₹ 10,000 to ₹ 4,00,000 for 3 to 24 months.

In this, you can apply for two types of loans, one is Personal Loan for Self-Employed and the other
For Personal Loan for Salaried person, below you will get to know about these two.

Personal Loan for Self-Employed:

  • Loan Amount – ₹40,000 to ₹1,50,000
  • Loan Tenure – 3 to 12 months

Personal Loan for Salaried Person:

  • Loan Amount – ₹10,000 to ₹4,00,000.
  • Loan Tenure -3 to 24 months

If you are going to apply for loan first time on Kreditbee instant loan app then you will get up to 50% off on the processing fee.

FAQ On Reserve Bank of India Approved loan apps in India

Every day people search many queries for loan apps on Google, so we collect some popular questions and try to give the best answer to them below, must read them before taking a loan from any loan app.

How to know app is rbi approved or not

Open that loan app or its’ official website then go to their “About Us” Page and read all partner police details, if those loan app partner with RBI or any authorized bank then this app is rbi approved other wise they don’t approve by rbi.

Which loan app was approved by RBI?

MoneyTap, Paytm, Bajaj Finserv, CASHe app, Navi, EarlySalary, Dhani, FlexiLoans, Money View Loans, Indialends, Lendingkart, India lends and many more apps are approved by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI).


Today, if you search for Loan apps on Play Store, you will get to see a list of 500+ Loan Apps and many of them are Fake Loan Apps, which collect your information and sell it to big companies or from your documents he takes loan himself.

That’s why I always recommend that before taking a loan, you must check whether you are RBI approved or not and whether your personal information is safe in this App or not.

In this post, I give you the latest and correct information about some of India’s popular RBI Approved loan apps and RBI Registered loan apps, if you want to take a personal loan for yourself, then collect all the latest information about all these apps from their official website, then apply for personal loan.

Disclaimer: This website is made for educational purposes, on our Website ( Factslover.In ) we don’t provide any types of loan here, we just provide your loan-related information such as How to get an instant loan, RBI Approved loan apps, Instant Loan Apps, etc

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