7 Days Loan App List 2024 Fake / Real 7 Day Loan App List

7 days loan app list

7 days loan app list: In this growing world, everyone needs money, and they apply for loans, luckily today’s market, there are many loan apps that approve your loan very quickly to fulfill your need.

But there are many Fake Loan apps in India, that take loans in your name by missing your documents and you don’t even know, that’s why you should always take a loan from the RBI Approved or RBI Resister loan app.

Friends, in this post, I am going to give you the latest update about the 7 Days Loan App List 2024, and also I am going to tell you whether this 7 Days Loan App is real or fake.

What is 7 days loan app?

7 days loan app is one type of loan app, in which a loan is provided to you for 7 days, most of these apps are fake, and they misuse your documents or charge more money from you.

There are many 7 days loan apps available on the Play Store, now we will discuss some of them below check out now!!

7 Days loan app list 2024

We collected some latest 7 days loan app lists in 2024 below, you can take a loan without any problem, If your credit score is good then those apps approved your loan within 7 days, all apps are RBI Approved or 7 days RBI resister Loan Apps.

  • Mpokket
  • Cashe
  • Kreditbee
  • Money View
  • TrueBalance
  • PaySense
  • MoneyTap
  • Faircent
  • Bajaj Finserv
  • Home Credit

All the above given 7 days loan app is real and you can apply for a loan safely, if you want any such 7 days loan app in which you do not need to check your Cibil Score then check below.

7 Day loan app list in India

FairMoney, Doslease Loan, PayRupik, RapidRupee, and Mpokket are 7 Day loan apps in India, In this app, you can take a loan ₹1,000 – ₹50,000 for 7 days to 120 Days Loan Tuner.

App NameLoan AmountIntrest RateLoan Tenure
FairMoney₹1,000 – ₹10,0001% to 3 % per month7 days to 120 Days
Doslease Loan₹1,000 – ₹50,00010% per month7 days to 180 Days
PayRupik₹1,000 – ₹10,00016% to 38% per month7 days to 90 Days
RapidRupee₹1,000 – ₹60,0000% to 35.9% per month7 days to 12 Months
Mpokket₹500 – ₹30,0001% to 6% per month61 days to 90 days

You can take a loan from the above 7 days loan app, you will get all these apps from the Play Store, but before taking a loan from 7 Day loan app in India, search about that app in Google or go to the details of the app and see that app RBI Resester or not.

100+ Fake Loan App List: 7 Days Fake Loan App List 2024 in India Download APK

After knowing about 7 Day loan app list in India, we know about fake 20 + 7 days loan App lists, there are many fake apps we collected some popular fake apps that are advertised on social media platforms to collect users.

A fake loan app will give you a loan as soon as possible, without knowing your credit score, They will give you a loan and can take all your personal information, to blackmail you when needed.

Fake 7 days loan app list

If you take a loan from them in these 7 days fake loan, then if possible, give fake ID and fake personal details so that they cannot blackmail you.

Below I provide some popular fake loan apps, Those that have blackmailed people many times and some of them have also been banned.

Here is the list of 80+ 7 days fake loan apps list in India 2024:

  1. Yes rupee
  2. Star loan
  3. Rupee spark
  4. Home loan
  6. Agile loan
  7. Sunshine
  8. Infinity
  9. Cash cola
  10. Easy credit loan
  11. Fast rupee
  12. Go go loan
  13. go cash
  14. Fair credit line
  15. Cash advance
  16. Fast coin
  17. Ariaeko loan
  18. Beloan app
  19. Rupee king
  20. Rupee wallet
  21. Flipcash
  22. Cash fast
  23. Fastcash
  24. Instant loan
  25. Cash pocket
  26. Hello rupee
  27. Small credit
  28. More cash
  29. Fish loan
  30. Flash rupee
  31. Dhani loan
  32. Magic money loan
  33. Money voult
  34. Life stream loan
  35. Frash loan
  36. Credit wallet
  37. OB cash loan
  38. Onstream app
  39. Money tree
  40. Discover loan
  41. Simpl Cash Loan
  42. Pesin Bee
  43. Cash room
  44. INS loan
  45. Asan loan
  46. Eslite loan
  47. Ok rupee loan
  48. HI-Pocket
  49. Rupee Park App
  50. Hugo Loan App
  51. Turrant Loan App
  52. Yes Cash Loan
  53. Safety Rupee Loan
  54. Maxim Loan
  55. Friendly cash Loan
  56. AA Loan App
  57. Glory Loan
  58. Swift Rupee
  59. Faith Loan App
  60. Rupee Today Loan
  61. Yeah Rupee Loana
  62. Loanbandhu Loan
  63. Base Cash Loan
  64. Golden Rupee
  65. RupayeKey Loan
  66. Happy Loan App
  67. Mobipocket Loan
  68. Cash Planet Loan
  69. Future Wallet
  70. Pat Money
  71. Yash Rupaya
  72. Serpent Coin
  73. Alliance Real Loan
  74. Miracle Pocket
  75. Rupee Empire
  76. Shiny Rupee
  77. CashExpress Loan
  78. Living Loan App
  79. Credit Park Loan
  80. TakaPot Loan
  81. Loan Planet App
  82. TakaMall Loan
  83. Instant Loan
  84. Beloan App
  85. Fish loan
  86. Fast coin
  87. Go Cash
  88. Money tree
  89. Lifestream loan
  90. Yes rupee
  91. Cash Advance
  92. Pesin Bee
  93. Cash pocket
  94. Rupee King
  95. Flash rupee
  96. Fast rupee
  97. Easy Credit Loan
  98. Discover Loan
  99. Eslite loan
  100. Pesin Bee
  101. Lifestream loan
  102. Hello Rupee

FAQ On 7 Days Loan App

Q. 7 days loan app harassment

The customer care of the 7 Days loan app harasses you by calling you, editing your photos and videos with AI, and blackmailing you for money, they increase your interest rate every day and call you again and again.

Q. How to know the 7 Days loan app is fake

7 Days loan app isn’t approved by RBI, and they advertise on social media platforms to collect users, 7 Days fake loan app doesn’t ask for your Cibil score details.

Q. Is 7 days loan app safe

7 days loan app lists are deceptive mobile applications that falsely claim to provide quick and easy loans but are designed to defraud and exploit users. These apps may collect personal information, charge hidden fees, or even engage in identity theft

Q. Is 7 days loan apps are fake

7-day loan apps are online loan platform that acts to provide honest loan services but they are fake and designed to scam people, These apps collect personal information and misuse it and they charge hidden fees.


Friends, in this post, I have told you about the list of 7 Days Loan App and also informed you about some Real and Fake 7 Days Loan App.

If you have any doubts in your mind, you can tell me by commenting, I will definitely help you.

If you want, you can share this post with your friends so that they too can know about the 7 Days Loan App List 2024.

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