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Transport Department Of Andhra Pradesh Provides Us with Ap RTA Citizen App To Registration, Renewal, and Applying For a Driving Licence Online In Andhra Pradesh…

Today In This Post We Discuss RTA Citizen Portal Or App Such As How To Use RTA Citizen App? And How To Download RTA Citizen App?

You Know That Ap RTA Citizen Helps Us To Registration Of Vehicle And Also Help To Easily E Transfer The Vehicle Ownership, First, You Will Know About The RTA Citizen Benefits Of The RTA Citizen Portal And How To Use The Properly Ap RTA Citizen Portal.

What Is RTA Citizen App

RTA Citizen App Is A Service Of The Transport Department Of Andhra Pradesh. With The Help Of The RTA Citizen Portal Or App, You Can Easily Apply For Your Driving License Online And Can Also Renew Your Driving License.

RTA Citizen App

After Downloading The RTA Citizen App, You Can Do All The Work On Your Phone Yourself, That Is, You Can Open The RTA Citizen Portal On Your Phone And Change The Ownership Of The Vehicle With Its Help.

You Can Do All The Work Of RTO In One App By Downloading RTA Citizen Application Sitting At Home Online.

How To Download RTA Citizen App?

If You Are A Citizen Of Andhra Pradesh And You Want To Download Ap RTA Citizen App Then You Can Easily Download This App On Your Phone.

Steps To Download RTA Citizen App On Phone.

  • Open “GooglePlay Store”.
  • Search “RTA Citizen App” In Google Play Store.
  • “Install” RTA Citizen App On Your Phone.
  • Fill In the Required Details To “Sign Up”.

You Can Download RTA Citizen App By Following The Steps Given Above. I Hope You Understand How To Download RTA Citizen App On Your Phone.

Hidden Features Of the RTA Citizen App

You, Will, Get To See A Lot Of Features In RTA Citizen Portal Or App. All The Features Of RTA Citizen Have Been Written Below, Definitely Read them Before Downloading The RTA Citizen App.

  • Pay Tax Of Vehicle.
  • New Vehicle Registration
  • Renewal Of Driving License
  • Can Application Status.
  • Renewal Of Vehicle Documentations.
  • Registration Certificate Cancellation.
  • Transferring Ownership From One Person To Another.
  • No Objection Certificate Also Be Issued Through This App.
  • Free Registration Of Vehicle Permits In Andhra Pradesh.
  • Applying For The New And Old Driving License Learning Also.
  • Registration Of Driving License Aadhaar Seeding In Andhra Pradesh.
  • The App Is Available On All Mobile Phones And Others Like Android, Ios And Pc For Free.
  • Please Of The Alteration And Correction In Any Documents Related To Your Vehicle And Your Driving License.

After knowing the Hidden Features Of the AP RTA Citizen, You must look for RTO Code and AP RTO Name that’s why you provide you all AP RTO list belloe.

RTO Details Of Transport Department Of Andhra Pradesh

If you looking for RTO Details In Andhra Pradesh, then there are a total of 31 RTOs available in Andhra Pradesh, bellow you will find all 31 AP RTO lists.

S No.District’s nameRTO CodeName of the AP RTO
1SrikakulamAP30Srikakulam RTO
2VizianagaramAP35Vizianagaram RTO
3VisakhapatnamAP 32Visakhapatnam RTO 1
4VisakhapatnamAP 33Visakhapatnam RTO- 2
5VisakhapatnamAP31Gajuwaka RTO
6VisakhapatnamAP 34Anakapalli RTO
7East GodavariAP 05Kakinada RTO
8East GodavariAP 06Rajahmundry RTO
9East GodavariAP05Amalapuram RTO
10West GodavariAP37Eluru RTO
11West GodavariAP 38Bhimavaram RTO
13NTRVijayawada RTO-1
14NTRVijayawada RTO-2
15KrishnaGudivada RTO
16NTRNandigama RTO
17GunturAP 07 and AP 08Guntur RTO
18PalnaduNarasaraopeta RTO
20NelloreAP 26Nellore RTO
21ChittoorAP 03Chittoor RTO
22TirupatiTirupathi RTO
23TirupatiGudur RTO
24AnnamayyaRayachoti RTO
25KurnoolAP 21Kurnool RTO
26NandayNandyal RTO
27AnantapuramuAnantapur RTO
28Sri Satya SaiHindupur RTO
30West GodavariAP37Jangareddy gudem

Documents Required For RTA Citizen App

Here Is The All-Required Documents List Of The AP RTA Citizen App, Read The Documents Given Below Carefully, You Will Know Which Documents Are Necessary For Use AP RTA Citizen Portal Or App.

  • Applicant’s Aadhar Card.
  • Applicant’s Further Certificate Documents.
  • Applicant’s Residency Proof.
  • Applicant’s Photograph.
  • Applicant’s Other Documents.

Fees Charged By RTA Citizen App ( AP RTOs) for their services

There are many services available in AP RTA Citizen, and many people confuse about their services charge, so we provide you with the latest Fees Charged by AP RTOs for their services.

New Registration Certificate and its renewal

  • Motor Cycle – Rs. 300
  • Invalid Carriage – Rs. 50
  • Others:
  1. Light Motor Vehicles and Three Wheelers – Rs. 600 
  2. Heavy goods/passenger vehicle – Rs. 1500
  3. Medium passenger/goods vehicle – Rs. 1000
  4. Imported motor vehicle (2/3 wheelers) – Rs. 2500
  5. Imported motor vehicle (4 or more wheelers) – Rs. 5000
  6. Vehicle not mentioned in this list:  Rs. 3000
Trade Certificate
  • Motor Cycle – Rs. 300
  • Invalid Carriage – Rs. 300
  • Others – Rs 500
  • Permanent DL – Rs 200; Renewal costs Rs 200
  • Learner’s Licence – Rs 150
  • International Driving Permit – Rs 1000
Conducting Vehicle inspection for Fitness Test Certificate
  1. Motor Cycle – Rs 200(Manual)/ Rs 400 (Automated)
  2. Light Motor vehicles – Rs 400(Manual)/ Rs. 600 (Automated)
  3. Medium and Heavy Vehicles – Rs. 600(Manual)/ Rs. 1000 (Automated)
Other services
  1. Smart Card application for Permanent DL and RC is Rs 200/-
  2. A delay in renewing RC will cost Rs. 300/month
  3. Transfer of ownership costs half the RC charges mentioned above for each class of vehicle.
  4. Duplicate RC costs half the RC charges mentioned above for each class of vehicle.
  5. Renewing and fresh fitness certificate costs Rs 200.
HP endorsement
  1. Motor Cycle – Rs 500
  2. Light Motor vehicles/3 wheelers – Rs 1500(Manual)
  3. Medium and Heavy Vehicles – Rs. 3000
  4. Stage Carriage Permits – Rs. 5000
  5. Goods Carriage Permits and National permit – Rs. 1000
  6. Addition of another class of vehicle to existing DL – Rs. 500
  7. Duplicate DL – Rs 100
Note: The Above Price was considered by the Citizen’s Charter of the Transport Department , AP RTOs aim to provide citizens fast friendly services for transparent vehicles.

How To Applying For Driving License In RTA Citizen App?

To Applying For A Driving License Or Learners License In Ap RTA Citizen App Must Follow Those Steps. If You Want To Apply For A Driving License Or Learner’s License On Your Phone Or Your Pc, Then Read The Steps Given Below Carefully, You Will Know How To Apply For A Driving License In Ap RTA Citizen App.

Steps To Applying for Driving License In RTA Citizen App

  • Open RTA Citizen App Or RTA Citizen Website.
  • Click On The License Option From The Drop-Down Menu.
  • Select A Driving License Or Learning License Registration.
  • Now Select The Type Of Transaction.
  • Select The Type Of Services For The New Driving License.
  • Eneter Your Andar Number.
  • Complete The Process Set The Test Date And Submit It.

How To Use RTA Citizen Portal?

Friends, It Is Very Easy To Use RTA Citizen Portal, You Can Easily Use RTA Citizen Portal To Change Vehicle Registration And Ownership. And Much More.

Below We Have Been Told Step By Step, How You Can Use RTA Citizen Portal On Your Phone And Pc.

1. Search “RTA Citizen” In Google.

First Of All, You Have To Open Whatever Browser You Have On Your Phone And PC, Such As Google Chrome, After Opening Anyone Browser, You Will Have To Go To Google’s Home Page Inside It.

RTA Citizen App

In The Google Search Bar, You Have To Search By Writing RTA Citizen, Just Like You Will Search By Writing RTA Citizen, You Will Come Across A Lot Of Website Results.

You Have To Click On The RTA Citizen Portal Out Of The Search Result, Whose Image I Have Given Below, You Will Have To Click On The Same Website.

2. Open ” RTA Citizen Portal “ In Search Results.

After Doing RTA Citizen Search, You Will Get To See A Lot Of Results, Out Of Which You Have To Click On The RTA Citizen Portal Which Will Come On The First Number In The Search Result.

You Simply Have To Click On The RTA Citizen Portal And Open The RTA Citizen Portal Website Which Is The Official Website Of The Transport Department Of Andhra Pradesh.

RTA Citizen App

3. Choose Any Service Option From The Menu.

When The RTA Citizen Website Will Be The Open Tab You Will See A Lot Of Options, You Will Have To Click On The Service You Want To Do Online.

RTA Citizen App

Below You Will Get The List Of All The Services, Which You Can Do Online In The RTA Citizen Portal.


Learner’s Licence, Additions Of Class, Permanent Licence, International Driving Permit, Renewal, Duplicate, REGISTRATION, Trade Certificate, Temporary Registration, Permanent Registration, Renewal, Duplicate.

Ownership Transfer, Normal, Death, Auction, Address Change, Reassignment, HP Endorsement, HP Termination, Fresh RC, No Objection Certificate, Diplomatic Vehicles, Number Reservation, Registration Codes.

State, District, Vehicles Categorisation, Registration Display, PERMITS, Contract Carriage, Autorickshaw, Motor Cab, Luxury Cabs, Maxi Cab, Bus, Radio Cabs, City Cabs, Prepaid Taxi, Temporary Permit.

Pucca Permit, Renewal, Transfer, Duplicate Permit, Vehicle Replacement, Address Change, Reassignment, CNG Retrofitment, LPG Retrofitment, Fare Chart, Goods Carriage Permit, Temporary Permit.

Pucca Permit, Permit Renewal, Permit Transfer, Vehicle Replacement, Permit Variation, Duplicate Permit, Address Change, National Permit, Private Service Vehicle, Education Institution Bus.

Stage Carriage, Service Types, Temporary Permit, Pucca Permit, Renewal, Transfer, Duplicate Permit, Variation, Vehicle Replacement, Address Change, Reassignment, Timings Change, Additional Trips.

A Countersignature, TAXES, Quarterly Tax, Life Time Tax, Green Tax, Countersignature Tax, Short Term Tax, Composite Tax, Border Tax, Tax Exemptions, FEES, License, Pollution Testing, Registration.

Permit, Model Approval, USER CHARGES PENALTIES, Prosecution, Compounding, ROAD SAFETY, Road Safety, Reflective Stickers, Short Films On Road Safety, Road Safety Policy, STATISTICS.

Licenses, Vehicles, Accidents, Revenue, And Much More Services Are Avelebale On RTA Citizen Portal.

4. Enter Your Andar Number Complete The Process And Submit The Form.

After Choosing Any One Service, You Have To Click On It And Open That Service. After Choosing A Service From The Menu, You Will Need Documents To Apply For That Service.

Regarding The Service, You Want To Apply For, You Will Have To Upload The Documents Along With Whomever You Have Been Given To Fill In The Details, You Will Have To Fill Everything Correctly.

RTA Citizen App

After Filling In All The Details Correctly, You Will Get The Option Of Confirm Below Where You Can Submit The Online Application Without Going To RTO. You can also see the rta citizen app smart card status on this website.

If You Want To Know About the RTA citizen app vehicle registration search then comment below I will tell you about this.

Q. Which Document is Required For Vehicle Registration Transfer?

Proof Of ID And Address, Registration Certificate, Insurance Of The Vehicle, Certificate Of Pollution Under Control, and No Objection Certificate Are the Most Required Documents For Vehicle Registration Transfer.

Q. What Are The Benefits Of the RTA Citizen App?

By Using RTA Citizen App You Can Easily Registration Of New Vehicle Also Applying For A Driving License Or Learner’s License Transfer Of Ownership And Also Renewal Your Driving License With The Help Of The RTA Citizen App.

Q. How To Check AP Vehicle Registration Number Owner Details?

To Check AP Vehicle Registration Number Owner Details Type ” VAHAN <Space> Vehicle’s Registration Number. Send It To 7738299899.”

Q. How To Check Ap Vehicle Registration Number Details?

Type ” VAHAN <Space> Vehicle’s Registration Number. Send It To 7738299899.” To Check Ap Vehicle Registration Number Details.

Q. RTA Citizen App Download.

Open “GooglePlay Store”.Search “RTA Citizen App” In Google Play Store.” Install” RTA Citizen App On Your Phone. And Fill In The Required Details To “Sign Up”.

Q. RTA Citizen Portal AP.

RTA Citizen Portal AP Is A Service Of The Transport Department Of Andhra Pradesh Which Provides Us with The RTA Citizen App For RegistrationRenewal, and Applying For A Driving Licence Online In Andhra Pradesh.

Q. Ap Vehicle Registration Number Details?

Type ” VAHAN <Space> Vehicle’s Registration Number. Send It To 7738299899.” To Check Ap Vehicle Registration Number Details.


In This Post, I Have Given You All The Information About The Ap RTA Citizen App I.E. RTA Citizen Portal Of The Transport Department Of Andhra Pradesh, And Also How To Use RTA Citizen Portal And How To Download RTA Citizen App.

If You Have Any Difficulty In Downloading RTA Citizen App Or Using RTA Citizen Portal, Then You Can Tell Me By Commenting Below, I Will Help You.

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